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video / Ariadne & the mythical grid 

This video is supported by virtual reality googles 

Ariadne is a young interior designer, who is guiding us in a virtual journey. In this journey, she narrates her personal story. She talks about how designing and experiencing (interior) spaces has changed in the digital era that we live. The whole story is plotted on the axis of the mythical grid, this powerful tool that made all this virtual environment possible.


The aim of the project is to address the new tool that designers have in their disposal –to explain their ideas and make them accessible–, the virtual reality and the contribution of the grid form in it. Finally, it seeks to communicate the idea of coexisting in virtual as well as in physical spaces in the near future.



Master Thesis



July 2018 / Rotterdam, the Netherlands


master of interior architecture, research, and design

Piet Zwart Institute  


Photo credits : Agnese Pellino 

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