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video / in my keyboard

Nowadays due to technological, demographic and cultural shifts, all that matters regarding work is “being on-line”. Individuals are given the chance to work from distance, while their workplace has been integrated in their portable devices and the human cooperation has been replaced by virtual collaboration technologies.  Taking advantage of this opportunity, a new type of working class has been raised, known as
“the digital nomads”.


In this project, I am presenting my personal workspace, which is in my keyboard. As space, the interior of the keyboard consists of several characteristics such as structure, capacity, and malfunctions which determine its efficiency. An endless grid represents a virtual space, a space of connections and creativity, plotted on axes. It is characterized by a certain storage capacity, inhabited by 5.368.709.120 bytes (500 GB). Lastly, as the human factor is present, the function of the space is affected and errors or glitches may appear. 





December 2016 / Rotterdam, the Netherlands



master of interior architecture, research, and design

Piet Zwart Institute  

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