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video / my internal clock

How our bodies and our internal clocks, what time is it,  while the sun has already set? Our bodies are tuned into the daylight hours, in order to maintain our circadian rhythms. Scientists in recent surveys found out that the key in order to regulate our internal clock is the colors. The colors play a major role in governing circadian rhythms, which synchronize life’s flow with the 24-hour day.



Based on my research I designed a 24-hour clock, which instead of hours informs us with color. Each color of the clock represents the color of the sky during the day and has a different effect on the human body. Red symbolizes the sunrise. Blue in the early morning helps the body to wake up. The yellow color represents the bright sunlight and makes us feel more active, while the red in the evening helps the body to relax from the stress of the day. Later the dark blue color triggers the production of the melatonin, the hormone that helps us feel sleepy. Depending on the scale of the clock it can be placed either in public or private spaces, from little bedrooms and small offices to metro stations. 



February 2017 / Rotterdam, the Netherlands


master of interior architecture, research, and design

Piet Zwart Institute  

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